About Us

At Internet Matters, parents and carers can find credible, straightforward suggestions and concrete steps to understanding the inherent dangers (data collection, privacy, security) when interacting with IoT devices.

Who we are

The Connected Home project gives parents a foundational understanding of what IoT technologies are, its inherent dangers, and provide suggestions and concrete steps to help understand the implications of introducing IoT devices into the household. Through our series of online resources, we hope everyone can make informed decisions and develop healthy digital habits that mitigate the risks brought about by these technologies. We want to ensure that users have a solid, foundational understanding of these connected technologies and encourage them to take necessary measures to stay safe and secure.

What we do:

As part of this larger effort, we aim to:

Support parents, carers and families
Awareness raising and cultivating long-term behavioral change
Work with policymakers to create change
Our Team

Corina G.

Founder and CEO (and Researcher, Copywriter, Designer, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, Producer and Strategy Director)

Corina founded the Connected Home project in April 2022. During this short time, Corina has led the development of The Connected Home’s range of IoT safety materials aimed at parents and carers.

Corina studied Digital Media at university, which she loved as it taught her a lot about media technologies and how they have shaped the cultural, technological, political and economic contexts of society. As a casual tech enthusiast, she is passionate about learning about new technologies, and understanding how technology can be used to shape and empower a more democratic and sustainable society. She also enjoys playing video games and a good cup of herbal tea.

Contact Corina at: corina@connectedhome.com